jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

My Family


I have a big family. We are from Venezuela. In my family 13 people. My father's name is Pedro and my Mom is Cruz. I have two sisters. My  sisters are Ritzmary and Ritzxila. Ritzmary's have three childrens Ritzander and Roitzver are their sons and  Josvely is their daughter. Jover's is husband of my sister Ritzmary. She's single and she lives with my parents. Ritzxila's have three childrens Critzanggela and Breitziluz are their daughters, Jairo is their son. Juan's is husband of my sister Ritzxila. She's single and lives with my parents.Ritzander,Roitzver and Jairo are my nephews, Critzanggela,Josvely and Breitziluz are my nieces. I don't have any children yet. My name's is Ritzmery. (: